In order of appearance...

Bianca "Bean" Fortune

An anxious and high-strung young woman. Bean was feeling lost and stuck as it was, and yet she somehow managed to get knocked out of her body and into ghost-limbo for good measure.

Sylvia Fortune

Bianca's mother. They don't really see eye to eye.

Eli Reiner

A ghost that inhabits Bianca's house. He appeared to offer her assistance, but despite having been a ghost for quite a long time, he seems as lost as she is.


A little shadow girl, usually seen peaking around a corner. She's very skittish and completely silent.

Asha Patil

Bean's friend and co-worker. She considers herself a skeptic and won't let Bean forget it.

Chris Valdez

A close childhood friend of Bianca's. They have something of a messy history. He's studying to be a psychologist.



The Girl in White

A ghost girl that appears outside the parlor window. She doesn't remember her name, but she hasn't forgotten her boyfriend's, apparently.

The Boy on the Road

Seems like this guy met a pretty violent end. He really wants help...