Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Regarding the 2019-? hiatus, is there anything I can do if I would like to see this comic come back someday?

A: I know it seems counter-intuitive since this comic is stalled, but telling friends about it helps. If you want, share any nice words you have about the comic, or draw fanart. It's really hard to be a solo artist and to attempt to get people to care about an original IP. Most of all, I just wish more people got to see my comic before I had to stop.

Q: Is there a planned ending to Lapse? How long will it be?

A: I have a fully-written script for Lapse and have had this script since I started drawing it. It's nine chapters long, and the ending would be around 300 pages.

Q: What the heck is Tripod?

A: Good question!

Q: Do you believe in ghosts?

A: I consider myself a skeptic. There are a number of mundane explanations for ghost encounters that people would hardly stop to consider in the moment, especially if they're already frightened. However, the idea of encountering a ghost still terrifies me, so make of that what you will. I keep an open mind and I never dismiss anyone's ghost story. In fact, if you have one, I would love to hear it!

Q: Does Eli speak with a British accent?

A: Nope — Eli was American! While he lived quite a long time ago, keep in mind that the British pronunciation of English has undergone more changes than American English since the colonies split. As for what Eli does sound like, he has a mild Pennsylvania Dutch accent (ex., he pronounces 'house' a bit more like 'hoss', and 'sound' a bit more like 'sond').

Q: What's the deal with the hidden links/secrets/'Easter Eggs' around the site?

A: Some auxiliary and comic index pages have hidden links or secrets, if you're viewing the desktop site. They're just for fun, though some include details about the characters that won't be revealed until late in the comic, or aren't in the comic itself at all. As an example, try going over to the 'characters' page, and hover your cursor over Silhouette's portrait for a few seconds.
(* None of these include audio. There are some fade-in-out effects, but no jump scares or screamers.)

The secrets and hidden links are littered around for anyone who's looking. If you see anything out of the ordinary, click on it! However, you can also get immediate access to all of the secrets and their locations on the site by supporting the Patreon. Happy hunting!

Q: You've taken a bunch of breaks from making this comic. Why?

A: As much as it breaks my heart, I can't afford to make Lapse my first priority; not physically, nor emotionally, let alone financially. I'm stubbornly devoted to finishing this comic, but it often needs to take a backseat to my personal and/or professional life. I really dislike having to go on hiatus — trust me, no one cares about Lapse more than I do — but in order to properly take care of the comic, I have to take care of myself, first.

Q: Any chance you'll bump the schedule up to two pages a week in the future?

A: Sadly, it's doubtful I'll ever make enough money from the comic to justify taking the time off from paying work to make that happen. I'd love to get to the end faster, but I also need to pay rent. If you believe in the comic and would like to help me make it, though, it doesn't hurt to support it through Patreon. Even if it's not likely that it will amount to extra updates, every little bit counts.

Q: What's your favorite horror movie(s)/games?

A: I get asked this a lot! I feel a bit weird answering it, though, because although I love horror movies, I haven't seen a whole lot of them, let alone all the must-sees and classics. I can say that I'm apathetic about gore, shock-horror, and slasher films. I prefer a more subtle and psychological approach, and I'd rather have a solid story than be startled or disgusted.

That said, my favorite horror movies are The Orphanage (2007), the Babadook (2014), and the Shining (1980). I'm also very fond of the horror-comedy Housebound (2014).

As for games, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (flawed as it is), and PT are probably the ones I've liked most. I have an appreciation for the Amnesia series and the rest of the Silent Hill series as well.