That awkward moment when the ghost doesn't believe you've seen a ghost.

Sorry for the unexpectedly long wait on this one guys, between my work schedule being switched into hours I normally reserve for drawing Lapse and carpal tunnel pain, this page didn't happen easily. :( I got a new splint for my wrist and thankfully, that seems to be helping. My work hours are still going to be an issue but at least I'm not working in pain. x_x

I'm participating in Comic Artists for Freedom this year! It's a fundraiser, with all the funds going to Love146, to help survivors of human trafficking. This year's theme is 'awkward school photos' and it was a lot of fun to do. XD In the coming months, all of the creator's submissions will be made into a wallpaper that will come with a donation to the charity. I'll post more about that as it comes!

TWC Image: My Comic Creator's for Freedom submission! Young-Bianca in an awkward school photo. Enjoy! |D

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