Well, look who decided to show up!

Happy New Year everyone!

TWC Image: A little sketch of the Girl in White. I miss drawing her. :P


Hi everyone. I have an announcement to make: Lapse will be hiatus until April 30th.

This was an extremely difficult decision with a lot of factors that I won't get into, but the short of it is that I need some personal recovery time and time to build a buffer. This will be in lieu of the 4-month end-of-chapter break I had planned, though there may still be a short break in between chapters 4 and 5 if it is needed. I will also continue to be on Twitter and Tumblr.

Thank you everyone for understanding and for reading, and I'll see you all April 30th.

TWC Image: Been saving this one for a special occasion. This is the first drawing I ever made of Bean, Eli, and the Girl in White, from 2009. Silhouette makes an appearance too, but she's the only character that pre-dates this sheet of paper. Funnily enough, the scan was still under the title 'PossibleNewCharacters' when I rediscovered it.

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