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I want to take a moment to plug a brand new webcomic from my good friend Riana!

Legend has it that somewhere on this miserable, ocean-less desert planet, the water goddess, Akia, had created "Suihira," a city that sits above an enormous glacial lake. If you prove yourself devoted to Akia, she will lead you there, where you can have all the water you can drink... or so the myth goes. The truth is, the people of the desert know better. They know Akia abandoned humanity centuries ago.

Wahida isn't convinced.

Leaving behind her life, her family, and even her identity, Wahida journeys across the desert landscape on the search for the legendary City of Water... not knowing she'll discover more than she expected.

It's only just finished its first chapter and is now entering its second, so there's a small archive to chew on and some really great things are in store! Please check it out!

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