TWC Image: There will almost definitely be more of these on my personal tumblr later, but here's a picture of the golden retriever puppy that I'm going to bring home soon. >_> <_< (She's only 4 weeks in this one but when I get her she'll be 11 weeks.)


Hello everyone, some not-quite-great news: You might have noticed that 'Thursdays' is no longer on the banner. This is because Lapse will be returning to sporadic updates for the rest of this chapter. In short, I don't think it's fair to anyone - myself included - for me to promise something that I can't deliver consistently right now. I took the four-month break a few months back hoping I could recover in a time that didn't seem too long a wait for those reading, but it wasn't as much time as I needed, and the stress of moving and all that comes with it seems to have undone all of the progress I made and then some. (I had actually thought that I'd be moving while still on that break, but that didn't end up happening.)

Which brings me to the next thing: after the completion of Chapter 4 - Lapse's half-way point - I'm going to have to go on another long break. The return date is, as of now, undetermined. My life needs to be my focus, and I can't have the comic constantly looming in the back of my mind while I'm trying to get back on my feet. :/

In the meantime, I encourage everyone to keep up with pages and news by subscribing to the RSS feed, or following Lapse's pages on Tumblr, Facebook (try turning on 'get notifications' under the 'Like' button), or my Twitter.

Thank you very much, everyone. Things have been quite rough for me lately and I can't thank all of you Lapse-readers enough for being so wonderful and understanding.

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