Hey all! I've been slowly but surely tighening up the site, updating a few things and making it more mobile responsive. Things might be wonky for a bit.

Also, Lapse will be going on a holiday break from November 29th to December 27th, and instead we'll be getting a short holiday comic about Eli that will update on Monday as well as Thursday! Hopefully should be fun.


Guest art by Yubria! Please check out her lovely fantasy/horror comic, Broken! It's one of my newest favorites!

Blegh, sorry everyone. Of course, immediately after I announce a scheduled holiday break I end up being sick all week with no buffer pages. Fabulous. The page will be out next week, though -- even if I'm still feeling crumby, I at least have a good headstart on it now.

Brief reminder that from November 29th-December 27, Lapse will be updating Monday and Thursday with a side comic.

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